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About Joanne

Joanne and her two English cream golden retrievers Violet (left) and Chloe (right)

My friends and family describe me as funny.  Considering I love to make you smile, I do take pride in that compliment.   I am a happy wife to one man, currently for 24 years, and a Mom to three young adults.  I would not change a thing.

I am passionate about PURPLE

HGTV and Gilmore Girls reruns are two of my greatest diversions.

I find great joy in starting new projects! 

Reading is not a great passion of mine, but I usually have at least one book in progress per year. 

12 years ago I added breast cancer survivor to my growing lists of accomplishments.

My whoopee pie making skills are impressive.

At the age of 36 I cohabited for the first time ever with a golden retriever named Tasha, and from this day forth I intend to always have a golden in my life.

I live in a town with a population of 17,501.  My aim is to photograph 17,000 of them... 

...and their dogs too.